How We Do It

It's simple...

We want to make getting a new real estate website with us as easy as possible. Our websites are delivered as-a-service, on demand. No build. No fuss.

Our process is made up of 7 simple steps, and no matter your level of technical knowledge we are here to help you through the entire journey. We can even help you source stock imagery and create content should you need it - just let our team know.

Step 1
Choose a design

Browse our range of designs to find a design that you like and that you feel would be a great suit to your agency.

Step 2
Complete on-boarding

We will send you a link to our on-boarding and direct debit forms so that we can get to know more about you, your company and your brand. When you complete these form we will then send you an invoice for a 50% deposit (if you would like us to direct debit the deposit, just let our team know).

Step 3
We'll create concepts

Once your deposit payment is received, we will queue your project with our designers to create at least 3 concepts – these will show you how your brand will look on your chosen design.

This process normally takes 4-5 days, but can change depending on how many new websites our team are working on.

Step 4
Select a concept

Let us know which concept you prefer – any images we include in the concepts are only examples, and you can supply your own imagery. Alternatively, talk to our team about how we can source different imagery for you, or even how to use the images in the concepts.

Step 5
We'll create your website

We will now begin setting up your new website based on the concept you have selected. Now is also the time we will request any necessary content from you (depending on which design you have selected).

This process normally takes 5-6 days, but can change depending on how many new websites our team are working on (most of the time it is quicker!).

Step 6
Preview your new website

We will send you a link to preview your new website. Now is the time you can ensure your logo and brand colours have been applied to your new website correctly.

We will also send you a final invoice for the remaining 50% of the project.

Step 7
Your website goes live

Once your final invoice is paid, and any remaining formalities are concluded, your new website is ready to go live.

If we do not control your domain name, we will provide instructions on how your domain name can be pointed to our servers.