POS(Point Of Sale)

We are Point of Sale Simplified

Passion of  creating state-of-the-art point of sale solutions and guiding the reatil and hospitality experience is the fuel behind what we do

Freindsco Tech POS Features

We at Friendsco Tech are building a bridge to your bussine’s success with our flawlessly designed POS / Inventory system. Our developed system cater all type of business needs from small scale to large scale organisations.

Point of Sale

Friendsco Tech POS has everything you need to run your small business, available on Android tablets, iPad, PCs and the Poynt terminal. It’s quick, efficient and intuitive to use. Easy setup will have you taking payments in minutes and serving your customers just as fast!

Restaurant Table Management

Smooth out activities and increment income with a more coordinated table arrangement and requesting framework: build your floor plan, take and interaction table requests easily, and have better perceivability to the situation with your table requests.

Online Ordering

Twofold your income – Connect Friendsco Tech POS with an online store. With a completely incorporated eCommerce stage, Friendsco Tech permits you to match up your online orders with your store’s Point of sale. Friendsco Tech eCommerce is completely advanced for search, versatile delivering and all gadgets. Utilize your own marking, shadings and classifications!

Order Management

Select order types such as quick sale, take out, drive thru or delivery. Store customer information as you take their order.

Order Tracking

Manage your orders with an option to track order statuses.

Customer Management

Store and build your customer information to know exactly what they buy and when. It’s simple to add, edit, and to search customers. Personalize your service and receipts, as well as, email marketing to build repeat business.

Apps and Integrations

Use our variety of apps and integrations to better grow your business and increase profits.

POS Payments

Process any kind of transaction via cash or credit card quickly and easily. Friendsco Tech POS supports, cash, EMV credit and debit cards, Apple pay, Samsung pay, EBT.

Split Payments

Improve the customer experience by allowing guests to split a check with different payment methods for each split transaction.

Partial Payments

Provide a better customer experience by allowing one or more guests to partially pay for their order total at one time and pay the remaining balance at a later time. Different payment methods can be used for each of the split transactions.


Ensure better customer service and smoother operations by having more flexibility as to how and when receipts are printed or emailed to customers. Use directional printing to specify which items will print to a specific kitchen printer (pizza, bar, grill, etc), for increased organization in the kitchen.

Inventory Management

Process, check, and manage your inventory right down to the grain. Know exactly what you have and where. Manage departments, categories, prices, and quantities. Manage your store operations in real-time. Track everything from store assets to exchanges, and returns.

Ingredients Management

Create ingredients that could then be assigned to a product or modifier’s recipe, track ingredients’ stock by small and larger units, receive and transfer ingredients, and view ingredient reporting to become more informed about your inventory, prevent revenue loss, and make better business decisions.

Employee Management

Full control over staff access to features and data for safe, reliable operations and store security. Manage roles, permissions, and employee data for effective budgeting of time and staff.

Tip Management

Customize your tip settings to best suit your business and easily collect tips from customers, so your employees will be more driven and have higher overall morale. Managers are able to view and do shift close outs.

Tax Management

Easily create either individual or multi-line taxes, add taxes to items, and choose to include/exclude them from orders to automate your tax maintenance and reduce chances of human error.

POS for QuickBooks

Save countless accounting hours with Friendsco Tech POS QuickBooks App. With QuickBooks Online integration, quickly and easily manage your finances without hassle. Automatically synchronize sales transactions, inventory, taxes, payin/payouts and more.

Surcharge Program

Join the Friendsco Tech POS Surcharge Program and sweat no longer about losing money on costly credit card processing fees. Easily create, name, and add a rate to the surcharge and then set it up for your company or store. Friendsco Tech POS will seamlessly add the surcharge fee to orders where credit cards are used.

Cash Discount Program

With the Cash Discount program, you can provides customers with an incentive to pay with cash, by offering a discount off the regular sales price. when making cash purchases.

Exchange Transactions

Speed up operations by seamlessly processing an exchange of a customer’s products in a single transaction. Process exchanges in any payment method and review details of the transaction afterwards from your Orders list.

POS Reporting

Quick access to your critical information makes for faster and better informed decision making. The reporting gives you complete visibility and analysis into every aspect of your business. Access anytime online to manage and track transactional and customer data.

Credit Card Pre-Authorization

Improve the customer experience and reduce fraud with credit card pre-authorization. Pre-authorization allows you to swipe a customer’s card once and securely save the card’s information, while verifying that the card is real and has a set amount of funds, to ensure the bill can be covered. Customers can then continue adding to their saved card on file, without needing to keep re-swiping.


Select different languages, currencies, and date/time formats for each store or register and set up your inventory in multiple languages through our localization settings.


Have full control of features and access to data for all or individual stores and registers in your company.